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Volunteers' Meal 2022: A success

Saturday 5th November, after 2 years of absence due to COVID, it was the return of the traditional meal for the volunteers of the Semoy VTT Club and the partners of the Enduro de la Semoy!

More than 80 volunteers met in the magnificent Élie Badré hall in Hautes Rivières (the venue for the Enduro de la Semoy).

This evening was the opportunity to present our new website.

Mr Denis Disy (mayor of Hautes Rivières and representative of the community of communes Vallées et Plateau d'Ardenne) as well as Mr Guillaume Maréchal (President of the Regional Natural Park and regional councillor) honoured us with their presence despite their busy schedules. We thank them warmly for the support they give to our association and for the activities we develop, in particular through the Enduro MTB area of the Semoy (Trails Center)!

Young people involved

Preparation of the good boletus soup from our forests!

Thank you all and see you next year!

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