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Semoy VTT club - Enduro de la Semoy - Bénévoles

Join the big family of Enduro de la Semoy volunteers...

SEMOY VTT CLUB - distribution des plaques

Come and enlarge this family already made up of 100 permanent members in order to participate in the organization of our mythical event. A single watchword: good humor and enthusiasm! Each with their skills brings the stone to the building (meals, shaping of the tracks, taping, cooking, refreshment bar, etc.). You like team challenges, dont hesitate any longer... To become a member, nothing could be simpler, create an account and subscribe to the free "VOLUNTEER" subscription on the membership page of the site.
We count on you, thank you.

Joining the volunteers is:  

  • Participate in the organization of the Enduro de la Semoy
  • Participate in the volunteer meal at the end of the year
  • Receive the EDLS volunteer T-shirt, given on day 1 of the enduro
  • Access the page of the site dedicated to volunteers and other private pages to come.
  • Join a family of enthusiasts
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