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The FFC Mountain Biker Code and the following local regulations:
do not deviate from marked paths for your safety and respect the direction of the routes;
only use the trail during authorized periods and remain attentive to hunting and forestry work activities;
check the condition of your mountain bike and plan supplies and repair accessories;
wearing a helmet is strongly recommended;
if you go alone, leave your itinerary to those around you;
do not overestimate your abilities and stay in control of your speed;
be careful and courteous when overtaking and crossing hikers because the pedestrian has priority;
pay attention to agricultural and forestry machinery;
do not throw away your cigarette butts and do not make a fire;
keep your trash, be discreet and respectful of the environment;
be sure, think about the FFC “leisure pass”.


Mountain biking involves certain risks. Common sense and caution can help reduce them. For your safety and that of others, please respect this code.


The forest and tracks are prohibited for motorized vehicles (motorcycle, quad, etc.)


During the hunting season,   please make sure that no hunting is planned on the day you are going to follow the mountain bike trails.   For this, go to the calendar of the Ardennes regional natural park.


Always control your speed and your mountain bike in order to be able to brake in front of an unpredictable obstacle (a pedestrian, a fallen tree, etc.).


Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.


Do not take tracks that are not officially recognized. 


Do not take the trails declared closed on our website. (List of tracks from the “trail center”)


Wearing a helmet is compulsory, but wearing a full-face helmet is strongly recommended, as is personal protective equipment, such as   the back protector, mask, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves and shoes. adapted.


An all-terrain bike adapted to the practice of enduro in perfect working order is essential.


Find out about the difficulty of the track at the start (See the page of detail of tracks ) and ride according to your abilities and your physical condition.


Respect others, always give priority to the person in front of you as well as to pedestrians and warn them respectfully of your presence (bell, etc.). When you want to pass another mountain biker on a trail, warn him by telling him which side you are going to pass him on. Stay courteous.


Respect the tracks, avoid untimely braking, do not cut corners and follow the indications.


Make sure you have an operational means of communication in order to be able to notify the emergency services if necessary.


Keep your trash with you, whatever it is.


When your outing is over, do not wash your bike in streams or in the Semoy.


Avoid excessive noise.


Do not modify the tracks! All subjections are welcome with the shapers of the Semoy VTT Club


Remember to check the weather forecast, especially during stormy weather. The rain makes the tracks slippery, roots, rocks, so adapt your speed...


If you encounter difficulties, fallen trees, landslide, others. Please send us a photo with the GPS coordinates of the problem encountered at the address contact email. Thanks in advance.


Remember that you alone are responsible for your safety.

Semoy VTT Club - Ridy - Code du bon rider
Semoy VTT Club - Ridy - Code du bon rider
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